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Union San Pedro, Mexico

Union San Pedro, Mexico

200g of needlessly good coffee.
A smooth and silky coffee with a sweetness of red apples, browned butter on the nose and a very creamy mouthfeel. A washed coffee with a beautiful clarity.
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Union San Pedro represents around 180 coffee producing families and is co-ordinated by Salomon Garcia. Salomon is originally from Xanica, one of the eight communities of San Pedro and he helped to establish the association back in the early 2000’s. Along with the original leadership group, Salomon went on to found UNTAO to support the production of San Pedro as the association grew. UNTAO, which stands for Unión Nacional de Trabajadores Agrícolas Oaxaqueños, is the co-operative owned exporter and dry mill that we use to mill our coffees in Oaxaca city.

In the last few years Salomon has returned his focus back to the producers of San Pedro full time to try and tackle some of the issues facing coffee farmers in Oaxaca today. Under Salomon’s leadership the association has funded demonstrative parcela’s or small farms for each sub association to experiment with different varieties and farming techniques to improve the low yields that are common in Oaxaca. Likewise, the association has built several coffee nurseries to supply its members with high quality seedlings, a real rarity for most producers here.

Most significantly, Salomon has focused Union San Pedro on a concerted program of reforestation and diversification. This has taken the form of ‘bosques comestibles’ or edible forests comprising alternative food crops such as vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and cacao. As well as improving the health of the land and soil, these crops provide important further revenue streams and capital for Union San Pedro.


Transparency is at the heart of what we do, it's one of our core tenants. We don't rename our coffees out of respect for the producers who've put so much work into it already and we believe in being open about our pricing and what we pay because we believe it's important to create that connection - coffee doesn't come from a vacuum, there is a person behind it and they're just as deserving of a fair deal as anyone else.

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