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Santiago Londono

Santiago Londono
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Santiago Londoño
1800-1850 masl

This coffee was grown by Santiago Londono at Finca Mayorca. The cherries were picked following strict ripeness criteria so only cherries of the correct colour are harvested. Too light in colour, and the cherries remain on the tree to continue to ripen. Too dark and the cherries are overripe and need to be used in lower grade lots.

Once harvested, the cherries are transported to Cofinet's own processing station - La Pradera. The cherries are then placed in floatation tanks to remove floaters and are hand-sorted to remove any beans that are not up to standard. The whole cherries are then fermented inside bags for 18 hours before being place on raised beds until the ideal moisture content is reached.

This naturally processed micro-lot is 100% Yellow Bourbon. Typically, when coffee cherries are ripe, they are varying shades of red. However, the Yellow Bourbon varietal is a naturally occurring mutation that produces yellow fruit when fully ripe.