Madagascar Zebu Coffee Estate 125g Limited Release

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Zebu Coffee Estate
1137 masl

Only 32 bags available!

All coffee will be roasted and posted on Friday 29th January and no discount codes will be accepted. 

This coffee is part of a collaboration between a small number of roasters and Zebu Coffee Estate in Madagascar.

The project aims to establish Zebu Coffee Estate as the first entirely arabica specialty coffee producer in Madagascar and build up the infrastructure necessary for the growth of the specialty coffee production industry there. 

Coffee has a long history in Madagascar, rising to one of the top coffee producing countries in the world between the 60s and 90s, before dropping rapidly due to political instability and the loss of key infrastructure, and even now arabica only accounts for 8% of coffee produced, with the remaining 92% being the lower-grade robusta.

Each of the four roasters involved in this project were supplied with only 5 kilograms (out of a total production in 2020 of 700kg) of coffee from Zebu Estate, agreeing to pay £600 for the amount. This is an astonishingly small amount, representing only about thirty-two 125 gram bags!

This sum, however, isn't just for coffee. This coffee is delicious, however the price isn't reflective of the quality of the coffee but something far greater. This money represents investment in the community and farmers surrounding Zebu Coffee Estate and the means to scale up the production over the course of the next 5 years to sustainable annual production level of around 68,000kg and a projected average price of £5 per kg while providing a much needed income for the community.

For us, this means the establishment of a strong, long-term partnership with Zebu Coffee Estate and the exciting opportunity to play a small role in developing a specialty coffee industry in Madagascar.


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