Kenya Kakindu SL28

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Ruiru Mills Estate
1800-2000 masl

This is a honey-processed coffee - relatively unheard of for a Kenyan coffee. The cherries are carefully selected and sorted by immersing in clean water; the immature or poor quality cherries float to the top and are removed, while the higher quality cherries are then de-pulped to remove the majority of the fruit while retaining the sugary mucilage on the outside of the bean. The coffee is then placed on raised beds to dry to a moisture content of 12.5% at which point it is then hulled, graded, and picked ready for trade.

The coffee comes from Ruiru Mills in the Kiambu county, located not far from Nairobi. The region has a long history of coffee production and is known for it's large estates, originally built by the British colonists in the early 20th century. After decolonisation the estates were sold to local Kenyans who have managed them since. Large estates such as this have slowly shrunk over the years with land values in the region causing growers to sell the land for development, giving opportunity to smaller growers elsewhere in the country. Despite this, large estates such as Ruiru Mills remain icons within Kenya, with legacies lasting many generations, supported by unparalleled local knowledge and expertise.

In the cup expect a touch of blackberry acidity and sweetness, with coconut and a jasmine-tea finish.

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