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Emulsify Half-Caf Blend

Emulsify Half-Caf Blend

200g of needlessly good coffee.

Version 2 of our Emulsify Half-Caf Blend. Rich jammy sweetness, dried mixed fruit & milk chocolate, with a clean & sweet finish.

This coffee doesn't lack anything. It's simply a coffee you can enjoy more of than most!

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We strongly believe coffee shouldn’t have to be caffeinated to be good.

We therefore take as much care in sourcing and roasting quality decaf coffee as we do all our other coffees. We developed our Emulsify blend as a coffee with half the caffeine strength of regular coffee without compromising on flavour, using 3 different beans - a Brazil for body, a Congo for brightness, and a Colombian sugarcane decaf for, well, it’s decaf-ness!

The result is a beautiful coffee, like any good blend it is more than the sum of it’s parts, with a rich jammy sweetness, dried fruit and milk chocolate with a clean and sweet finish to round it out.

This coffee doesn’t lack anything. It’s got everything a great coffee should have.


Transparency is at the heart of what we do, it's one of our core tenants. We don't rename our coffees out of respect for the producers who've put so much work into it already and we believe in being open about our pricing and what we pay because we believe it's important to create that connection - coffee doesn't come from a vacuum, there is a person behind it and they're just as deserving of a fair deal as anyone else.

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