Pioneers Sugarcane Decaf, Colombia


Sweet and balanced with notes of red grapes, chocolate & almond brittle

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Pitalito, Palestina, South Huila
Selected Smallholders
Colombia, Caturra, Castillo and Tabi
Washed, Decaf (ethyl-acetate)
1700 - 1800 masl
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Sweet and balanced with notes of red grapes, chocolate & almond brittle.

About this coffee

This coffee utilises a washed process prior to decaffeination. Ripe cherries are selectively handpicked depulped and then traditionally fermented in tanks for 20-30 hours to break down the remaining mucilage. At this point the coffee is thoroughly washed in clean water, followed by sun-drying on raised beds for 20-30 days, until the optimum moisture content has been reached. 


The decaffeination process is solvent based, and the agent used for the process is ethyl-acetate (also known as ethyl-alcohol). It is derived from a mix of acetic acid (vinegar) and a natural extract distilled from sugar cane, blackberries, beets or sometimes grapes. A direct-solvent process is used, meaning that the beans are steamed to open their pores and are then rinsed in ethyl acetate repeatedly to remove the caffeine. Next the beans are dried but not completely, 10-12% humidity remains, and then the open bean is sealed with natural wax that in no way affects the flavor, fragrance or aroma of the coffee. 


The town of Palestina is located in the South Huila region. The region is known for its altitude and fertile soils. This contributes to higher levels of soluble solids in the bean. Huila department is located in the South-West of Colombia, spanned by the Andes mountains. Landmarks include the San Agustin Archaeological Park and the Nevada del Huila volcano. 


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