Transparency Report

This document serves as a self-assessed report on our ongoing progress in attaining the ideals as set out in our Manifesto.


Our primary aim in regards to transparency is to be open and honest about all our practices. This document is intended to act as a “living” tool to communicate with the reader our ongoing mission to be as transparent as possible.


Fairness is to act as a metric in which to gauge the ethics of our dealings with staff, suppliers, customers, etc. Fairness is an umbrella term to represent our approach to (but certainly not limited to) gender (including lbgtq+) equality, racial equality, respect for others, and our approach to dealing with suppliers around the world.


Doing a quality product should go hand-in-hand with each ideal in this document, in-fact we don’t believe Quality can be truly achieved without being able to tick the boxes of Transparency, Fairness & Environmental Consciousness. The Quality score will thus be an aggregate score of each of the other ideals combined with certain metrics that may not fit in with other categories.

Environmental Consciousness

Unfortunately with coffee being an internationally traded product it is unlikely we will ever achieve a “perfect” score in this ideal, but that by no means it should be ignored. It is important to track ones impact on the environment and strive to always do better. Through tracking and scoring this particular ideal we hope to better understand how we – and also coffee businesses in general – impact the natural world.


Each of these ideals will dictate our approach to business and documenting our progress in meeting these ideals is an important part of it. We welcome open debate, we welcome criticism, and we welcome being called out by you when we fail to meet our ideals or fail to document them clearly.