Our Packaging

Coffee packaging is tried and tested, so why on earth would we put our coffee beans in cans?

We were determined to find a packaging solution that was sustainable and had naively thought it would be a simple task. Most coffee packaging is made up of layers of different material laminated together, with each material serving a different purpose - the inner layer preventing air getting through, another providing strength, and the outer layer being there simply to look nice. The issue with these layers is they need to be separated by special machinery to be recycled.

Even when these coffee bags are labeled as recyclable, they very rarely tell you the steps you must take as a consumer to ensure it happens. More often than not, the valve and zip needs to be removed and the whole lot needs to be dropped off by you to a recycling centre or supermarket with appropriate recycling collection facilities.

And sometimes the bag is labelled as being recyclable, when in practical terms it simply isn't because it may not even be recyclable in UK.

The problem is the manufacturers of the packaging don't benefit from saying "our packaging is recyclable, but..." So often the roasters using the packaging simply repeat what they're told without delving in to the truth of the matter.