Green Cost

This amount is not always representative of the total amount paid for the coffee. Often there are other costs involved, including transportation and taxes. We list here the highest level of transparent pricing available to us and list all prices in the currency paid.


This is the price paid to the farmer and represents the highest level of price transparency we have. Unfortunately it isn't always a clear number, and different regions take payments in different ways - some producers will process the coffee completely so the farm gate price paid will be for green coffee, whereas other regions might sell the raw cherry or parchment before being processed at a separate location.


The Free On Board price represents the cost of coffee prior to being shipped out of origin and covers all costs involved up until that point. It doesn't include the cost of shipping it to the UK nor any import duties or taxes that might be involved.


The Ex-works price is the most commonly seen price and will usually be the price paid when sourcing coffee from an importer. This amount will include everything up until putting it on a truck and sending it from a warehouse to the roastery.