Marcos Ferreira Anaerobic, Brazil


Clean & light with notes of green tea, star anise & chamomile rounded out with a juicy papaya finish

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850 masl
Matas de Minas
Marcos Ferreira
Catuaí 785/15
Anaerobic Fermentation
SCA cupping score:
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Clean & light with notes of green tea, star anise & chamomile rounded out with a juicy papaya finish.

About this coffee

I am a coffee producer from Matas de Minas. I work with with my family: my wife Juliane and our two daughters. Luiza is 17 years old and Gabriely is 18; they are two young ladies who are passionate about the coffee culture. Currently we are entering the specialty coffee business, and we had the privilege of participating in the third coffee quality contest of the Caratinga region! We got 1st place (Natural) in our city, São Sebastião do Anta, and 3rd place (Natural) in the region of Caratinga. With totally manual handling, always prioritizing care and respect for the environment, we are seeking to learn and grow more and more in the world of coffee!

-Marcos Ferreira de Souza

Marcos Ferreira works the plantation founded by his Grandfather, father, and uncles in the 1970’s. Since then, production has grown steadily and the family has been able to expand the cultivation and invest in new equipment up until the passing of his grandfather in 2003. The land was then divided and continued to be worked on by his father and himself, his wife and two daughters. 


They’ve recently pivoted the farm to focus on specialty grade coffee,  winning local and regional awards for their coffee and begun exploring alternative processing methods, such as this exceptional anaerobic fermented coffee.


While low-altitude coffees such as this are often noted for having a muted or lower complexity profile, this particular lot really shines above many others. The anaerobic fermentation has given it a complexity and brightness nearer to what you might expect from a high altitude Kenyan coffee. 


Farmgate price: €6.24/kg green*

Logistics: €1.03/kg

Taxes: €0.14/kg

Brokerage: €1.25/kg

Price paid by us: €8.66/kg

Qty purchased: 60kg

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*The way producers are paid for their coffee can vary wildly throughout the world. Often they'll be paid for harvested cherry in cases where the processing is handled elsewhere, other times they can be paid for parchment which is the coffee after the fruit has been removed. These variations can make it difficult to provide clear transparent data. 

In this case the producer has defined the price per kg in green coffee, which is the form coffee is in after harvest and processing, prior to roasting.