Lo Fi Box Set


3 cans of low and no caffeine coffees to keep you going regardless of the time of day

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A box set of 3 200g cans of coffees featuring two decafs and a half-caf blend. For those who want to cut back, or simply those who don't believe coffee needs to have caffeine to be good. This is a box to prove people wrong, to drink all day, to enjoy whenever!

Whats in the Box

Rwanda Muraho Washed CO2 decaf

Notes of Dried apricots, honey, creme brûlée

This decaf from Rwanda has a beautiful citrus quality to it balanced with a good burnt-sugar-like sweetness.

Colombia Villamaria Natural Sugarcane Decaf

Notes of Papaya, caramel, passionfruit

This decaf is what you drink if you want to trick yourself! Not only an incredible decaf, but an incredible coffee in its own right. The sugarcane decaffeination method is common to Colombia, and in our experience maintains the characteristics of the coffee far better than other methods.

Emulsify Half-Caf Blend

Notes of chocolate orange

This is our half-caf blend. We wanted to prove coffee doesn’t have to be all about the caffeine, so we crafted this blend to simply be an incredibly tasty coffee. Half the caffeine of other coffees, but not sacrificing anything to get there.



*Due to unprecendented demand for this Box Set the coffees included may change without notice.