Elias & Shady Natural, Colombia

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1550 masl
Fresno, Tolima
The Bayter Brothers, El Vergel Farm
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Juicy & fragrant with notes of blueberry pancakes, pine needles, cocoa & cloudy apple juice.

About this coffee

Finca El Vergel in Fresno, Colima is run by the brothers Shady & Elias Bayter, who have been involved in farming from childhood, following in the footsteps of their parents, who started as avacado growers. The experience of growing up in the countryside created a strong bond between the brothers, farming and the region where they grew up. In 2012 they ventured into the world of coffee and fell in love with it. Two years later they discovered the specialty coffee movement and thus found the direction they wanted for El Vergel and themselves.


The farm has a special micro climate keenly suited to coffee thanks to its proximity to the snow-capped volcano Nevado del Ruiz, in whose slopes El Vergel is located. In 2016, after several years of researching coffee varieties, climates and soils, the brothers took advantage of the conditions on their farm and kickstarted a varietal project at Finca El Vergel where they planted many different varieties of coffee in individual lots.


This particular lot is a naturally processed Caturra, oozing with fruit and clarity. 


Farmgate price: €14.00/kg green*

Brokerage: €1.12/kg

Price paid by us: €15.12/kg

Qty purchased: 70kg

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Transparency data provided by Farmly, a company based in Brazil that facilitates direct trade between roasters and producers in Brazil and Colombia.


*The way producers are paid for their coffee can vary wildly throughout the world. Often they'll be paid for harvested cherry in cases where the processing is handled elsewhere, other times they can be paid for parchment which is the coffee after the fruit has been removed. These variations can make it difficult to provide clear transparent data. 

In this case the producer has defined the price per kg in green coffee, which is the form coffee is in after harvest and processing, prior to roasting.