Colombia E.A. Decaf De Cana

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Many small producers
1200-2000 masl

When we founded our little roastery, we said from the outset that decaf will be an important part of our offering. After spending many years working in various cafes and seeing how a lot of baristas disregard decaf and the people who order it by never working on the recipes or just plain serving whatever comes out “because it’s only decaf”, we wanted to approach the subject differently. The way we see it, specialty coffee isn’t about just delivering your daily fuel - commodity coffee serves that purpose just fine. We think the whole point is to brew and serve drinks sourced and crafted with a lot of care and passion are therefore more delicious than what you can find just anywhere. Whether they contain caffeine or not should be beside the point.

With that frame of mind, we tried many decafs at the sourcing stage and carefully selected what we present to you with this E.A.Decaf De Cana from Colombia. The name of this coffee is derived from its decaffeination process using Ethyl Acetate, which is also known as the natural or sugar cane (caña de azúcar) process.

This is a perfect coffee for lazy afternoons, as well as a great ingredient to coffee-based cocktails in the evening. In the cup, you’ll find a lot of sweetness and hints of blueberries with a medium body and an aroma of rose petals, finished off with a smooth milk chocolate mouthfeel that lingers.

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