China Banka Washed

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Banka Farm, Yunnan Coffee Traders
1350 masl
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This year we bought two coffees from China - same farm, same producers, different processing method. This one is the washed; super clean with earl grey tea like tannins, red apple sweetness, and a touch of maltiness reminiscent of maltesers.

Banka farm and washing station is based in Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, Yunnan and is named after the two adjacent villages (Banka Yi and Banka Er) where the coffee cherry is grown and harvested.

The wet mill is owned by Yunnan Coffee Traders, who also partly own the Banka farm. The farm itself is around 100ha and has begun planting new varieties of coffee uncommon to the region, such as Pacamara and Yellow Bourbon, and have recently begun experimenting with different processing methods.

This coffee is first pulped and then dry-fermented for 18 hours, afterwards, they are run through density channels before being spread out on drying patios for approximately 5-8 days.

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