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You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate Blend

You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate Blend
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Put 3 teaspoons (or more if you like it stronger!) of you sexy thing in your favourite mug, add a splash of hot water and whisk into a paste. Heat some m*lk to your desired temperature then pour slowly into your mug while whisking so it’s all combined into a silky brown mug of deliciousness. Now drink!

Cocoa powder, panela, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter

Coffee isn't our only obsession. We've spent years working in cafes and rarely do we get the pleasure of working with genuinely exquisite hot chocolates. Despite a cafes' expertly curated coffee offering often the hot chocolate offering is lacking, using cheap, nasty, unethical hot chocolate mixes. So we wanted to change that.

You Sexy Thing, appropriately, is named for the song by the great soul band Hot Chocolate (See what we did there?). It's a killer tune, and an equally delicious hot chocolate! Our hot chocolates are all vegan. We source all the cocoa from Colombia, and we use panela instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners, which is simply pure dehydrated sugar-cane juice.

Panela isn't as sweet as sugar, so our hot chocolate at 65% dark is probably close to 70% or 75% in other brands. We wanted to shoot for this fairly low level of sweetness to focus on the chocolate and give people the freedom to make their hot chocolate as sweet as they like by just adding their own sugar to-taste.