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Disco Queen Vegan "White" Hot Chocolate

Disco Queen Vegan "White" Hot Chocolate
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Put 3 teaspoons (or more if you like it stronger!) of disco queen in your favourite mug, add a splash of hot water and whisk into a paste. Heat some m*lk to your desired temperature then pour slowly into your mug while whisking so it’s all combined into a silky brown mug of deliciousness. Now drink!

Panela, cocoa butter, coconut milk powder

Did you know you can't actually call this stuff white chocolate? By UK regulations white chocolate must contain no less than 14% dry milk products, which is why we have quotation marks around the word! 

This hot chocolate - named for the song by the great soul band Hot Chocolate - is white, is chocolate, but is also 100% vegan.

We take pure Colombian cocoa butter, panela - wich is simply dehydrated sugarcane juice, and coconut milk powder to bring you a silky smooth, rich, and sumptuously delicious hot chocolate blend that until now vegans simply couldn't enjoy!