Collab pack: Decaf de Cana & What's the Story? Coffee Stout

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What's the Story? is a coffee stout made in collaboration with the local Two Towns Down Brewery. Coffee stouts are nothing new, but in this we wanted to create a perfect harmony - we didn't want the beer to scream COFFEE!!!! But rather our coffee working as a part in a greater whole, with the product being greater than the sum of its parts. In the end, what Two Towns Down managed to do is, to our taste buds, a perfect example of what a coffee stout should be. Beautifully balanced, with the coffee working in harmony with the malt, oats, and hops. This is a perfect beer to end the evening, the perfect winter comforter, and with the use of our incredible decaf for the coffee component it won't leave you lying in bed staring at the ceiling after a pint!

With this Collab pack you'll get a can of What's the Story? and a 100g bag of our Decaf de Cana to taste and help understand what it brings to the beer.

What's the Story? 6.8% Decaf Coffee Stout by Two Towns Down and Manifesto Coffee.

For more of their incredible beers, visit Two Towns Down.

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