Intro to Cupping Set

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This set comes with everything you need to learn how to taste, or "cup", coffee.

Cupping coffee is how we assess the quality of the coffee, helps us hugely in developing our coffees and determine our tasting notes. Like wine tasting, it can be a lot of fun and can help develop your palate to better taste all those subtle flavour notes you might see on a bag of coffee.

For those interested in learning more about coffee there is no better way to get started than this set!

It contains:

  • 3 100g bags of mystery coffee! Each month we will choose 3 different coffees for our Cupping Set. They're labeled with a number and a simple QR code for you to scan once you've tasted them to find out what they are. These 3 bags of coffee can be ground as you like for you to enjoy as you wish!
  • 3 small samples of each of the coffees pre-ground specifically for cupping. You can use these samples in your cupping.
  • A Manifesto Coffee Tasting Spoon. This is the super special spoon we use to taste coffee!
  • An industry-standard cupping bowl for you to use to cup your coffee. These bowls are designed to better represent the coffee within, with an industry-standard volume of 210ml and a wide mouth to maximise the aromatics.
  • A Manifesto Coffee Tasting Journal, with simple instructions on how to cup your coffee and 18 score sheets for you to record your tasting notes and scores.

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