Colombia Finca La Esperanza

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Jorge Edison Gomez Medina
1500-1550 masl

A comforting hug, passionfruit, and torrone - almond nougat.

This coffee is pretty exciting for us. We've acquired it through a platform, ifinca, that was founded to create a more transparent supply chain between growers and consumers. Through this platform we can see how much the farmer is paid (US$1.45/LB or about £2.37/kg) for the coffee, a profile of the farmer, and see which companies are involved in getting this coffee to you.

To quote the grower, Jorge Edison Gómez Medina himself (translated from Spanish):

I am a producer from the municipality of Pitalito Huila. My name is Jorge Edison Gómez Medina and the name of my farm is La Esperanza where I live with my wife and my two children. My farm has 63 hectares and is at an elevation of 1,550 meters above the level of the sea and our coffee varieties are Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia Variety. We process our coffee by fermentation for 48 hours, followed by washing and drying in the sun.

I came to the life of coffee through my grandparents, I am the third generation in the production of coffee, the farm I bought and one of my goals was to have the entire farm planted in coffee, which I have now achieved. My coffee is special for the effort and dedication with which each one of the tasks is done, in addition we do not pollute the waters, we do not cut trees and we do not use glyphosates. My wife, my eldest son and I strive to produce the best coffee.


For us, this coffee really stood out on the table, not by astounding us in its uniqueness, but in the way it enveloped us in a comforting hug of coffee. This is a perfect winter-morning coffee, nostalgic and comforting, reminding us why we love coffee, and love the journey it takes.

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