Cold Brew 6 pack

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Hipsters Choice Cold Brew 6 pack or 3 pack

Triple-filtered for clarity.

We take the coffee we love, for this first batch we're talking the stunning Colombia Finca Esperanza, roast it to get the best out of it for this unique brewing method, and then squeeze out all the juice into a heady concentrate of caffeine and deliciousness. We then pump it through filters, bring it down to a drinking strength so we don't get in to trouble from anyone for curing sleep, can it up, and present it for you ready-to-drink.

We've always loved cold brew. We're as passionate about it as we are about hot coffee, and thus treat it with that very same passion and obsession. In the can you'll find a smooth and tasty coffee, rich and chocolatey. Drink it chilled on hot days or don't. Drink it over ice or don't. Add your favourite m*lk or don't. It's up to you. We love this stuff, we love it's versatility, we love throwing a 6-pack in the car first thing in the morning and taking the dog for a walk while getting sly looks from folks thinking we're drinking beer in the park at 7am.

Oh and it's canned - the most recycled beverage container in the world.

Contains: 100% brewed coffee... obviously.


Available in either 3 Packs or 6 Packs.

Drink as you like it.


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