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Finca Rabanales, Guatemala

Finca Rabanales, Guatemala

200g of needlessly good coffee.
This super clean single variety from Guatemala is nothing if not comforting! A classic coffee, expect milk chocolate, fudge with a mellow acidity. This is a coffee that comforts, wraps you in a blanket, and tells you everything is alright!
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At Finca Rabanales every stone, every tree and every coffee plant tells a story about the people who have lived in this farm and worked on its fields. Walking across the plantation is like taking a trip across history, where you can see coffee plants that go all the way back to the 19th Century when Don Gregorio Zamora began working on the land. In 1884, Don Gregorio, a successful entrepreneur and hardworking farmer, bought the land located in the Plateau of Fraijanes, Guatemala. He had a profound passion for agriculture and owned multiple farms, but since the first time he visited the land of what now is Rabanales, he knew that it was very special and fell in love with it immediately. He envisioned here a high-quality and sustainable coffee plantation, so he carefully chose the best areas, in the higher parts of the farm, and began planting the first coffee trees himself. Some of these coffee trees still exist and allow us to enjoy a cup of the same coffee that Don Gregorio did more than 130 years ago. Don Gregorio, a very methodical man, established four Golden Rules for cultivating his coffee:
1 Always use the best and the highest quality seeds, suitable for high altitudes, in addition to innovative agricultural techniques.
2. Devote all efforts to the plantation and provide tender care to all the coffee trees, every day from sunrise to sundown; looking after the preservation and sustainability of all the natural resources of the region.
3. Process the coffee cherries at the farm’s mill, carefully controlling every step of the process, washing the beans using pure water from nearby springs, and drying it in open patios under the sun.
4. Every morning, Thank God for the gift of a new day, and at sundown Thank Him again for allowing him to accomplish a day of hard work and infinite care of the plantation.


Transparency is at the heart of what we do, it's one of our core tenants. We don't rename our coffees out of respect for the producers who've put so much work into it already and we believe in being open about our pricing and what we pay because we believe it's important to create that connection - coffee doesn't come from a vacuum, there is a person behind it and they're just as deserving of a fair deal as anyone else.

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