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Rachel's - The Sea And The Bells

Louisville, KY is an interesting place for a few reasons. It’s the birthplace of the Louisville Slugger, for one thing, making it pretty much a household item so you should think twice before doing any burgling around those parts. It is also home of the Lebowski Fest, which alone puts it on my list of ten places to visit before I end up in an empty coffee can from Ralph’s. Most importantly though, it has one of the most interesting and diverse music scenes out there, as I’ve had a chance to discover over the years.  Interestingly, I’ve never set out to check out the “Louisville sound”, but rather I noticed time and again that I’d discover a band or...

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Fly Pan Am - Self Titled Album Review

The current state of affairs can be a little overwhelming and I personally noticed that lately I’ve been drawn towards media that explore different, more extreme scenarios of what we’re going through at the moment. Whether it be re-watching films like 28 Days Later, or returning to the more apocalyptic, early entries in Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s discography, I found a particular fascination in these “what if?” scenarios. Revisiting the late 90s, Montreal-specific branch of post-rock, one of the lesser-known bands caught my attention in the context of possible alternative scenarios, namely Fly Pan Am and their first, self-titled album. You see, just like Godspeed, the band went on hiatus in the early 00s – unlike Godspeed, however, who came...

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